Take 2 to Save 2

Think about two people you care about who may smoke, be overweight, have high blood pressure, diabetes or a family history of heart disease and stroke. People with these risk factors are at increased risk of being disabled or dying from a stroke.

Review the special health messages created by the American Heart Association below and send them to people you care about, it just might save their lives. You can pick a message and send it out in any number of ways - send an email, make a phone call, text, tweet or donate your Facebook status for the day to get these great messages out to those you love.

Power To End Stroke asks that you send at least two health messages to two people that you know are at risk for stroke. Click the type of message you would like to send from the options below to see the pre-written health messages that you can simply cut and paste or read to a loved one.

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Spud Webb says Take 2 to Save 2

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