Power to End Stroke needs your help to bring stroke awareness to communities and save lives in the future. As a leader in your community, you have the power to shape the future. Because your voice is heard, you can educate. Because your influence is felt, you can change behaviors. Because your call is answered, you can mobilize others to work with you. Focusing on the fight against stroke is one of the most worthy ways you can use your power on behalf of the community.

After Coretta Scott King died in January 2006 of a stroke, her daughter Yolanda became the first National Ambassador of the Power To End Stroke campaign. Power To End Stroke continues its mission in respectful remembrance of Yolanda King, who passed away in 2007.

We invite you to become an Ambassador for the Power To End Stroke campaign and share your power to make a difference! All that is required is to register as an Ambassador and complete at least one awareness activity in your community per year.

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There are many different ways to bring Power To End Stroke to your community, big and small. Review the sections below to find what meets your interests, abilities, and will make an impact in your family and community.

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