EmPowered To Serve

Faith-Based Roundtable

What is EmPowered To Serve?
EmPowered to Serve is a mega community the American Heart Association is convening to bring organizations together to make a positive impact around health in the faith-based community. Join us for the EmPowered To Serve Faith-Based Roundtable to become a part of the solution. EmPowered To Serve will drive health improvements by utilizing a collaborative approach to rally around a shared vision of improved health for underserved populations; it allows for the discussion of ideas, shared expertise and access to best-in-class information. The participants of the EmPowered to Serve community will collectively drive health impact in the following areas:

  • Increased physical activity in children and adults
  • Increased the consumption of fruits and vegetables in children and adults
  • Reduction or limitation of sodium and sugar sweetened beverages by children and adults
  • Improve the health of the entire family leading to improved health of the overall community
  • The movement begins with the EmPowered To Serve Faith-Based Roundtable, a by invitation only event, that will bring together a diverse group of leaders from across different sectors of the faith-based community and public and private organizations/businesses. The round table is meant to create an environment for faith-based community leaders to share information that will meet the following objectives:

  • Galvanize a national community to participate and support a strategic initiative that will improve the health of the multicultural communities through the faith-based channel
  • Share the necessity, vision and framework for an inclusive Faith-Based National Strategic Plan
  • Foster a robust discussion among participants on what such a plan should include
  • Form the basis of the faith-based community focused on health and kick off the EmPowered To Serve movement
  • Ready to Serve?
    Mark your calendar for October 2, 2013. Formal invitation and travel information to follow.

    Contact us for more information.

    Become part of a movement working to create a healthier future for our community.

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